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In Between the Lines - Book One

An Essay on the Therapeutic Value of Music, Musical Aesthetics and the Spiritual Origins of Music

by Robert Bruce

In Between the Lines - Book One lays a philosophical foundation on music with specific focuses on musical aesthetics, the spiritual origins of music and the therapeutic value of music.  A significant amount of attention is also placed on the aspects of vibration and how every sound and piece of music reflects a particular state of consciousness; in effect, how music is a very broad and candid living language. 

The various areas of focus in this book together form a broad and unique perspective on music which can help those who are interested streamline their own areas of musical (or arts-related) study, or perhaps take a step in their understanding of where music is going in this fast-paced, information-age world. 

This book also takes a very frank and discerning look at the subject of "music therapy".  While it is emphasized that music and every kind of creative expression has a degree of therapeutic value, sometimes a very high degree, the author shines a somewhat critical spotlight on what the so-called experts in this professional field really know and on the value of what they are offering as a practice and/or service.  Robert Bruce, with an extensive personal background in this area of musical involvement, takes some of the mystery and guesswork out of "music therapy" by offering insights on music's original purpose.

Approx. 25,000 words. Introductory Chapters - 1) Another Step on Our Musical Journey; 2) Overview; Main Essay Chapters - 3) Redefining Music Therapy - A Journey of Individual Discovery and Experience; 4) Sound is Primary Aspect of Creation - "In the Beginning Was the Word"; 5) Planes of Consciousness; 6) Vibration and Modern Sound-Sources; 7) More on Vibration; 8) Some of the Natural Therapeutic Aspects of Music - Relaxation, Diversion, Upliftment, Facing Issues and Creative Expression; 9) Musical Aesthetics


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In Between the Lines - Book One by Robert Bruce

In Between The Lines - Book One Cover