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In Between the Lines - Book Two:
Perspectives On Writing Inspired Music

by Robert Bruce

In Between the Lines - Book Two: Perspectives on Writing Inspired Music offers an unprecedented collection of practical and unusually vivid insights into the inner workings of writing music and the creative process, and is presented with a thoroughness and level of detail that won't likely be found in any other writing on the subject. All of composer/author Robert Bruce's most far-reaching secrets, gathered over almost four decades of writing inspired music, are shared in an easy to follow overview that addresses many subtle and usually-unspoken concerns and gives the reader a great deal of solid ground to stand on in creative matters.

Possibly the most encouraging and "cut to the chase" writing on composition ever published, this book without a doubt has the reader's interests at heart and will help practically any composer connect some of the inner, intuitive dots in ways that anticipate and inevitably lead toward the desired end result of adding more life and vitality to his or her own original music, regardless of its style or genre. The reader is invited into a world of pure creativity and inspiration and may take from it as many ideas as he or she deems desirable for his or her own creative/musical purposes.

The author not only clearly explains how to develop one's own compositional method and style but also details a number of elements that can be potentially damaging or confining to the creative process, particularly in the earlier stages of development when one's habits, patterns and working methods are formed. Some of the things to be cautious of are so commonplace, subtle and seemingly innocent in nature that they are very often overlooked.

This book outlines how the path to writing deep, sincere, meaningful and effective music - that which the composer will be truly happy with and that listeners will naturally appreciate and respond to in a favourable way - is one that each person must travel in his or her own way. What exactly works for one will seldom work for another but the principles and elements in common to all creative processes in writing music are rather distilled in this book and presented as a secure home base. As various basic principles are grasped, the person interested in writing music simply chooses, and continues to choose, all the musical brushes, colours, textures and canvases he or she desires to work with, and they become a living language of expression simply through the forces of desire, honesty and application.

Confidence and clarity increase with practice and experience. Time, effort and dedication must be put in, but often in a casual, ongoing and non-strained manner, if one wishes to discover what works best and accomplish truly desirable results. At the same time the things that really work well in writing music can often come quite easily, naturally and spontaneously and one need not necessarily go through long series' of pointless exercises and learn numerous techniques that are not at all suited to the styles and areas of music one is naturally suited for and/or interested in.

For professional, semi-professional or aspiring composers alike, or even for those curious about the creative process of writing music, this book will, at minimum, open some invisible doors and help the reader tune into his or her own inner creative resources. Also for teachers interested in the subject of composing or who have students who are pursuing this interest, this book will almost certainly help in securing a perspective that will encourage true creative musical expression to flow.


Foreword – Meet Your Tour Guide, Composer Robert Bruce

1. Introduction - Overview - Philosophy

2. Music as Art – Music in Our Times – Music from Spirit – A Safe Place to Be

3. Getting Started - Methods of Learning and Developing

4. The Universal School of Music - Finding Our True Creative Selves

5. The Musical Language and Developing One’s Own Musical Vocabulary

6. Musical Scrapbook – Ongoing Experimentation and Development

7. The Far-Reaching Effects of Single Tones – Simple Musical Ideas Can Sometimes Be Transformed Into Wonderful Musical Expressions

8. Desire and Motivation

9. Grace, Beauty and the Art of Writing Music

Approx. 53,500 words.


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In Between the Lines - Book Two by Robert Bruce

In Between The Lines - Book Two Cover