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Robert Bruce offers insightful workshops in music composition
for students of all ages.


Music as a Living Language 1

(For General Audiences, 90 minutes)


  • Introductory-level talk, suitable for all ages 12+ and the early stages of interest/ involvement in writing music
  • Basics of learning to use the language of music
  • The 2 major approaches to writing/composing music and the respective effects and results of each
  • How very simple and basic musical ideas can build and become profound and meaningful musical expressions
  • Slowing down enough to "hear" music



Music as a Living Language 2

(For General Audiences, 120 minutes)

All the points above, plus...

  • Finding and developing your own unique musical vocabulary
  • Finding your own resources and learning methods
  • The importance of utilizing your own natural interests in writing music
  • Following a thread/nurturing a seed of an idea
  • Establishing a recognizable sound and atmosphere in a piece of music
  • Recognizing and working with the "colours" and textures in sound and music
  • Listening honestly
  • Creativity and the creative process
  • Reasonable expectations and how to pace oneself
  • Writing music for film/TV and multimedia


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