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Eternal Spring

Gentle and Evocative Piano Music
Flowing Through Meditative Dance
Taking You to a Place of Serenity


The gentle and evocative piano music of composer Robert Bruce flows in a clear, serene current with specially-conceived meditative dance in a unique live performance program, Eternal Spring.   

A program for modern times largely modelled on the aesthetic value system that existed in Western European art during the pre-modern period (roughly 1870 to 1910), Eternal Spring creates an intimate and daydreamy atmosphere in which subtle expressions of beauty are presented as the main content. 

Taking subtle references and influences in a cross-disciplinary fashion to form a basic outline, elements of neo-classicism, Romanticism, the Pre-Raphaelite movement, Impressionism, Belle Époque and art nouveau can be variously seen and heard in Eternal Spring

Establishing a calm, reflective mood and maintaining a pleasing sense of grace and balance throughout, for many this piano and dance program has just as much in common with modalities such as yoga and meditation as it does with other performing arts programs.

With the beautifully-crafted and sometimes haunting minimalist piano music as the foundation, the elegant, slow-moving dance, often like a moving sculpture, conveys an uplifting and liberating sense of timelessness that can engage your inner and outer senses in many ways.  Delicate poses, gestures and expressions which also incorporate globes, rose petals, vases, reeds, wind, water, reflections of light and other symbolic visual elements seamlessly blend with the subtle nuances of the music, and together they form a strong, clear and cohesive environment that simply transports you to a more peaceful time and place.

The pre-modern philosophy stating that art which upholds the expression of beauty as its only real purpose has stabilizing and uplifting effects on individuals is not only still true and relevant today but perhaps even more needed now than at any other time in the past century.  In embracing this “Beauty for Its Own Sake” philosophy in the midst of today’s often harsh and fast-paced “anything goes” climate, Eternal Spring offers discerning appreciators of art and music, as well as individuals proactively pursuing various avenues of healthy, conscious living, a fresh, vibrant, neutral and quality live experience that is unique in today’s performing arts landscape and that is, ironically enough, perfectly suited for modern times.  

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Format: Composer Robert Bruce performs his original music on (acoustic) piano together with 1 dancer who performs onstage for the entire program.  

Duration: Approximately 1 hour - continuous, no break/intermission

Technical: Piano set to stage right and dancer has at least an area 15’ by 15’ to work in.  2 mics on the piano in larger spaces.